5 Reasons Florida Yacht Charters Are A Great Idea!

You’re wondering where to spend that next vacation. Perhaps the idea of a luxury voyage on a yacht fleetingly crossed your mind. Only for the rich, you may have thought, and too difficult to arrange. But a broker with professional knowledge of chartered yachts can help bring this luxury vacation experience within reach! Here are 5 reasons why Florida Yacht Charters are not only easily arrangeable and luxurious, but the best possible choice to make this year.

Best Weather in the Country

While much of the country is suffering winter storms, the weather in Florida is often beautiful and nearly tropically sunny. Florida has more days of sunshine annually than almost any other state in the union.

Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Surfing, Sailing, Fishing

Picture this: Blue water so clear the bottom is visible, 50 feet down. The sun is shining, temperature a balmy 70 degrees. Your scuba gear is piled next to you on deck, ready to dive the crystalline waters. The finest luxury yacht has been selected, and your itinerary arranged, with whatever specialties like scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, or sailing, that you desire. Maybe you just want to anchor in the harbor and watch the dolphins play. We’re talking about those leaping, splashing mammals, now, not the team. Or perhaps both, if the season’s right.

A Unique Florida Experience

You can see Florida like you never have before: Visit Miami for the nightlife, island hop the famous Keys, or anchor and take a flatboat ride in the Everglades. Like the blue horizon, the possibilities stretch far and wide. And your yacht sets you right smack in the middle of the action, with the flexibility to do whatever you desire. The finest chartered yachts offer an unparalleled experience: a unique mixture of natural beauty, ocean adventure, and self-paced, enjoyable activities.

Your Voyage, Your Way

A highly qualified crew handles the vessel and takes care of all necessary work. This includes a full time yacht chef, who can prepare any delectable you might wish. Preparations are made beforehand to ensure that the provisions and menu are exactly what is desired. And you make the itinerary; so unlike any other seafaring adventure, your time is completely yours, to do with exactly as you please.

We Take Care of the Details

Why contact a yacht broker? We arrange every detail, so that your time can be spent enjoying your voyage to the fullest. We’re professionals who know the finest yachts, most qualified crews, and the Florida waters; and our fee is included in the rental of your luxury yacht. Our business is bringing your vacation dreams to life, and we work hard at it, so you don’t need to. We’re Yachtstore: Call us at 1-888-446-4141, to begin the adventure of a lifetime!