Adventure of desert safari in Dubai

Dubai is one of the best places for tourism. If you want to go out of country to see the luxury life of shakes then Dubai is best option. It has top most luxury hotels. Dubai is a city that must be glimpse at-least once. Record-breaking architecture stands ahead traditional quarters while man-made islands jut out of the coastline.

 Dubai is full of glamour and different attractions where visitors from all around the world are pulled towards Dubai for its world-famous landmarks like Burj Khalifa, Burj Arab, Palm Jumeirah, World Class Shopping Malls, etc. These tourist magnets opened an opportunity for tourist guides and professional companies started to grow and offer different tours. Some of the famous tours in the United Arab Emirates are Dubai City Tour, Abu Dhabi and Ferrari World, Musandam Dibba Cruise.

 Other than these highlights Dubai offers this amazingly unique tour called Desert Safari in Dubai. This should be among the top of the to-do list while you are in Dubai because you cannot experience this back in your country. This tour is unique in its own stands alone in all the glitter of Dubai.

After you are picked up by company driver on the comfortable vehicle you will leave behind hustle and bustle of Dubai for your long-awaited Desert Safari in Dubai. This time of tour has its own exceptional vibes as you will see how your surroundings are transitioning from city of skyscrapers to a big desert in front of your eyes. This also gives you an idea of how Dubai’s modern and world-class lifestyle is grown right in the heart of this huge Arabian Desert.

While enjoying this transition you will reach a point where you will be dropped on the roadside, where you will be warmly welcomed by company staff members and picked up in 4 by 4 cruisers to take you in the heart of the desert. Your ride of thrill starts from here.

Once you will be dropped in the desert where other fascinating activities will be waiting for you. You can ride on the camel who is the oldest companion of human in the desert. Camels are called ships of the desert. Snapchat your stories while you ride on humps of these magnificent and calm animals. You can also show your adventurous skills by drifting on quad bikes and make videos while you ride it, so you can show it off to your friends later. To add more fuel to fire of adventure and fun in evening desert safari Dubai, you can also enjoy Sandboarding, surf on sand same like snow skiing.

After sunset, it gets chilly because sand changes its temperature very fast. So you are recommended to take jackets and shawls with you to stay cozy and warm while you enjoy the rest of your desert safari show. Talking about dressing, you can take guidelines from here what to wear on Different Places in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Evening desert safari Dubai is full of fun and adventure.