Get to Know About L1B Visa Eligibility and Benefits

L1B visa is a category of L1 visa designed for intra-company transferees. It helps employers to transfer specifically skilled employees to the US for establishing a new business branch or an affiliate or subsidiary.

Eligibility of L1 B intra-company transferee

For employees

For L1-B visa approval the employee needs to possess specialized knowledge regarding the product, services, management, equipment, research, techniques and procedures of the organization.

The applicant must even demonstrate advanced knowledge about their profession relevant to the business. Employee needs to be working for the qualifying business for minimum one to three years prior entering US.

For employers

The qualifying employer needs to have suitable relationship with a foreign company, branch or affiliate and must be performing business currently or will do in the US for duration L1B employee stays on the US turf. The employer will need to demonstrate their financial ability to start new business.

Stay and conversion opportunities

L1B visa is approved for 3 year stay in the US. This visa can be renewed for two-year extension until maximum 5-year limit is reached. After 5 years the L1 B visa can be converted to L1 A-visa, which increases maximum stay to seven years.

As L1 A-visa is employee specific visa, the holder cannot switch employer. However, a few L1 B-visa employees are eligible to change to H1 visa status, which permits them to switch employers.

Benefits of L1 B-visa

  • Visa holder works, resides, and travels legally within America
  • Able to file for permanent residency
  • Dependent can accompany L1 B-visa holder on L2 visa status
  • Allows foreign company to open a branch in the United States

L1 B-visa application process

Employers file L1 B-visa for their employee at the jurisdiction, where company is located in the US.

  • Employer fills and submits the form I-129 as well as L supplement.
  • Obtains printed receipt number on approval of petition form I-129
  • Completes online form DS- 160
  • Schedules an appointment for visa interview
  • Carries all L1 B visa documents needed during interview

If application is approved then you will get the L1 B-visa passport via courier.