Information on Being a License A&P Mechanic on Aircraft

A license for working on airframe and power plant also referred to as an A&P license, and is necessary for those who maintain, inspect and repair any aircrafts. In a school for airplane mechanics, students are provided training with hands-on-aircraft maintenance and the knowledge that is necessary to obtain a FAA A&P license. You can as well gain the skills and confidence that are needed for top job performance as an aircraft mechanic. Airframe and powerplant schools are in almost every state in the United States. 

FAA certification

There are requirements for the rating being issued. This does not mean that universities will extend any college credits nor does it need approval by other federal or state agencies. Some schools do offer a diploma and others may require a student should already have a high school diploma or a GED (General Education Diploma) to apply. The typical courses last anywhere from one to two years, which is less than what is required by FAA for training on-the-job. After graduation, then you will be competent to take the needed FAA’s written, oral as well as practical exams. 

Mechanic job

Many ask what a mechanic job is like. Airline mechanics work in hangars, out on the field on the “flight lines” where aircrafts are parked or in repair stations. Mechanics use hand and power tools as well as sophisticated testing equipment. Maintenance is done 24 hours, 7 days a week. Mechanics and technicians need to expect to work week-ends as well as nights. They also need to get use to the noise level whether indoors as well as the flight line where the noise could be high. Often your work means physical activities such as climbing ladders to crawling under deadline to make certain an airplane is ready to fly its scheduled flight. 

But most of those who are airline mechanics love their job.