Marrakech or Fes! The road to Morocco desert

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One thing that you’ll surely notice when visiting Morocco is its diversity; in cultures, traditions, and food. Marrakech and Fes remain as two of the most important cities in Morocco. If you’re on Marrakech to Fes desert tours, you’re going to want to visit the Dar Batha Museum. 

History and art buffs cannot visit Fes and not see the amazing Dar Batha Museum. We tend to say that about almost every museum there is in Morocco, but this one is unique in its own way.  Everything about it is breathtaking.

The first thing that’ll strike you is the building itself. Set in a 19th-century palace, Dar Batha Museum was designed by Sultan Moulay El Hassan. An Andalusian-Arabic style palace that was once occupied by two sultans. In 1915, the palace was repurposed as a museum. 

Fascinating Zellij and detailed wood carvings make up this museum, with a tranquil garden that infuses a serene feeling into every comer’s heart. 

Within this majestic palace lies authentic treasures that date back to the 10th-century. The decorative Moroccan arts and artefacts tell stories that’ll forever be embedded in your memory.