Ourika valley

The daybefore, as soon as I arrived at the Riad, my host offered me a day trip to ourika valley¬†for the nextdaywith a group, in the Ourika Valley. I seeit as an opportunity to meetothertravelers, and find out what’sgoing on outside the city. I acceptwithoutaskingtoomany questions.

Meet at 9 am, justafter breakfast, wewillonly return in the eveningaround 5 pm. Jonhatan and Pauline, met the daybefore, join me, and another group of Spaniardsispresent in our minibus. As soon as weleave the imperial city, the landscapes are arid, wegraduallyapproach the impressive mountain range of the Atlas.

Visits to argan oilcooperatives

An hourlater, we are already in the Ourikavalleyoneofthe three valleys Marrakech, the road runsalong the river of the samename, dottedwithBerber villages. It is in thisregionthat argan oilcooperatives (amongothers) open theirdoors to you to discover the manufacturingprocess. Held by women, one of themexplains the virtues of thisoil made from the fruit of the argan tree.

Short walk to Ourikawaterfalls

We continue our road to the village of Seti Fatma, where a young guide awaits us for a short hike to the waterfalls. Even if the walkis not very long, the pathissteepenough to reachthem (at least bring good sneakers). The hour of effort isforgottenuponarrival at the foot of the waterfall, the viewisrathernice. I imagine the world there must behere to cool off on hot summerdays. Wethenborrow a ladder to climb a littlehigher, to a terracefromwhereyoucanrehydrateyourselfwith a good minttea and this time a view of 4 waterfalls.

Couscous by the Ourika River

Afterthis long morning to trudge, we have the fangs. It is not far from 2.30 p.m. and in the Ourikavalleythereis no shortage of restaurants, not feet in the sand, but feet in the river. The restaurants offeralmost all the samething, a menu at 12 euros, main course, dessert, and youwill have the choicebetween a couscous or a tajine for the main course. I opt for couscous, whichwill not be the best in my life, but I hadnevereaten one by the edge of a river, moreover in Morocco, at the gates of the Atlas. So even if the couscous lackedspice, itstillhad a certain flavor.

Whosays couscous, saysnap!Welldeserved in full sunplease, and with music, evenbetter.


  • Transportation all daycosts 20 euros per person.
  • Visiting argan oilcooperativesis free.
  • The guide for the waterfall, 3 euros per person.
  • And finally lunch at the restaurant, 12 euros.
  • If youwish to book a visit to the valley in advance