Six Things You Need to Know to Avoid Unpleasant Surprises on Airbnb

To say Airbnb is the most popular apartment or house rental website of the moment is simply saying the obvious truth. Be careful, however, to check certain elements to avoid unpleasant surprises.

If Airbnb is a very serious apartment rental service, you are not safe from a bad surprise. Here are six things to watch closely. 

#1: No live communication at the beginning

There are some fake ads on Airbnb. In order not to fall into the panel, refuse to communicate directly with the owner of the place until the reservation has been validated on the site. Avoid giving your email or your personal number from the first exchanges.  

#2: Never pay live

Regardless of the reasons given by the landlord to charge you live, you should never do it. The rental regulations are always done via the website. Airbnb charges you on the day of booking. The host is, meanwhile, paid the day after your arrival to fight against false ads. So, no matter how intense the temptation is, make sure you don’t fall for it.

#3: Check out the reviews and check their date

As with all apartment and house rental sites, consider looking at the reviews of the different properties on Airbnb. If the latest reviews go back more than six months, beware, the apartment may have changed. So, ensure you have the correct description and condition of the apartment you want to check into.

#4: Check the location of the rental

Some malicious owners use words that are too laudatory when describing their homes. If the photos look compelling, do not hesitate to check the address listed in the ad on Google Maps. A nice apartment in the center of Paris can actually be in the suburbs.  

#5: Cancellation possible or not

Check before booking the cancellation conditions. Indeed, all the goods are not housed in the same sign, and sometimes the cancellation is more laborious. These conditions are indicated in the description and vary from flexible to strict. 

#6: Check the hours of check-in and check-out

Some unscrupulous landlords play on check-in and check-out times to try to charge you an extra day. Remember to check these and confirm with the lessor. However, if you are planning of visiting anywhere around Montreal, you can consider checking into a hotel to save yourself from the unnecessary stress that may arise from landlords. You can check hotels like Hotel Auberge Le Pomerol. They offer great booking and at affordable prices.