The 10 best family destinations

Enjoying a good family trip does not have to be a week in the company of a well-known “mouse”. Simply expand horizons and prepare for an unforgettable adventure in these 10 best family destinations.

  1. Rainbow in the desert, Rajasthan, India

It may be an arid place but not at all devoid of color, as can be seen in the rainbow of thousands of saris of Rajasthan.  This fascinating state is an excellent option for a family trip through India thanks to its complete hotel offer and the good transport network. You have to see the labyrinthine old city of Jaisalmer, get lost among the blue tones of Jodhpur or tour the splendid ancient palaces. The little ones will be amazed at the variety of transport: Elephants, camels, and auto-rickshaws included.

  1. The kingdom of the Lego, Copenhagen, Denmark

Not a few artists have praised the beauty of Copenhagen, the cheerful capital of Denmark and an ideal destination for a family getaway. You can start with a walk to the statue in honor of the little mermaid of Hans Christian Andersen and continue to the majestic Tivoli Gardens, whose amusement park has been delighting children since 1843. The teenagers will be fascinated by the alternative style of the Christiania neighborhood, while the small architects of the family will be dazzled by the excursion to the multicolored structures of Lego-land.

  1. Explore the oases, Oman

This destination in the United Arab Emirates is ideal for a family getaway thanks to its crystal clear waters, its tourist complexes, it’s tempting dunes, and its subtropical climate; to stroll through Muscat and enjoy a traditional coastal town of white houses before embarking on a family trip on a camel through the desert, camping in the Bedouin style ; to relax on the beaches of Sharkiya and make a stop in South to visit the nearby turtle reserve of Ras al-Jinz. Oman is a friendly place with children, whom you receive warmly, and will help you experience a wonderful family stay.

  1. The land of children’s friends, Fiji

Parents who want rest will find an unbeatable destination on the Fiji Islands, that beautiful South Pacific archipelago famous for its warmth and friendliness of its people. Its resorts of luxury offer services for the entire family such as the Fiji Islands Resort, where they arrive a nanny is assigned to every creature, who ensures that children are entertained at all times. In this way, parents can then enjoy its beaches and abundant spa treatments. Fijians are affectionate people with children, so children will be spoiled as much or more than their parents.

  1. Lights of a big city, Tokyo, Japan

Children are bewitched in Tokyo, this paradise full of modern cachivaches and unusual items. The little ones will be fascinated with the endless variety of Hello Kitty or Dragon ball accessories. Others will be speechless with cosplayers, teenagers who dress as their favorite manga characters. “Hello Kitty” lovers should not miss a visit to their beautiful house in Sanrio Puroland. Finally, enjoy the views from the Tokyo Tower observatory from where you can see Mount Fuji when weather conditions allow.

  1. Camping from coast to coast, USA

A road trip in the United States is most tempting for an adventurous family. Simply rent a car in the New York Big Apple (best convertible for a movie experience) and make your way west, traveling its highways and rural roads before reaching the city of San Francisco. What gives the trip a special touch is being able to set up a tent for the night (why not in one of its national parks). After a day on the road, there is nothing like preparing the family camp before dinner with the ears of corn.

  1. A motorhome by the ‘outback’, Australia

Rent a motorhome, put on a good soundtrack and go into the vastness of Australia too who knows where. The children will enjoy reading about poisonous species lurking among the rocks, while the family will enjoy the fresh air of cooking over an open fire and a unique road trip. Drive to the mythical Mount Uluru (Ayers Rock) to live a desert experience, take the little ones on a trip to the School of the Air to see a class of the children of the ‘ outback ‘ (the vast arid interior of the country ) and  observe kangaroos while the days go by slowly, without any hurry.

  1. North Road, Scotland

Scotland is not just whiskey and misty highlands; In fact, a summer visit to the north can be a unique experience for the family. Start at Loch Ness (few resists taking a look in search of the famous monster). Continue to the Hebrides to enjoy ferry trips between seals, puffins, and dolphins, as well as the number of deserted beaches where to splash. Collect driftwood and shout at the winds of the Atlantic until satisfied. Go back to Edinburgh and go to its famous Fringe Festival to delight the family with plays and the tricks, juggling, and dancing of the street artists of the Royal Mile.

  1. Camel tours, Cairo, Egypt (*)

A visit to Cairo, known as “the mother of the world,” guarantees an urban cacophony so powerful that it will silence the noisiest of children and leave the most reticent of adolescents speechless. Start with the Egyptian Museum, where you can admire the treasures of the pharaohs (the little ones will love the mummy room). Tour the souks and savor the delicacies offered by street vendors. Go to Giza and ascend the aisles of the pyramids. Succumb to one of the greatest pleasures: an excursion through the dunes on camels, those awkward and grumpy ‘ships’ of the desert.

  1. Santa Claus and his 1001 reindeer, Lapland, Finland 

Christmas is not the same without Santa Claus and his reindeer, and there is no better place to enjoy it than the Finnish region of Lapland.  Located above the Arctic Circle, it offers sleigh rides, the home, and office of Santa Claus, towering pines, ice hotels, and auroras. Rovaniemi is a good starting base. Before returning to the snowy route to the land of Christmas, try Yule and enjoy skiing and rest in a cabin with a sauna. Don’t let the little ones see that some dishes from restaurant menus include reindeer, as they may be affected by knowing ‘who’ they are eating.

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