The Fun of Travelling to Turkey

If you plan to travel to Turkey, here you will find the most emblematic places of this sovereign intercontinental country. Find basic travel tips, gastronomy, entry requirements and prices to enjoy its culture and tradition.

Turkey is the only country in the world that is between two continents Asia and Europe

Join us and discover the most important tourist places in this Islamic secular country. Knowing the main tourist destinations in Istanbul, it can take you about 8 hours and; best of all, completely free. Visit  to know more about it.

  • If you are traveling from Europe, specifically from the city of Barcelona with Turkies Airline, it is possible that you make an 8-hour transfer in Istanbul; depending on the destination.
  • This airline, in addition to being one of the cheapest, just for making a long transfer will give you completely free transportation, food and a tour of the main tourist destinations in the city.
  • If your accommodation is near Taksim Square, right next to the square you can visit ─░stiklal Street. A main avenue that runs through the center of Istanbul; considered, as one of the best areas to walk in Istanbul.

The Whole Place

This is a bohemian area with artisan shops where, you can get to the Bosphorus river and enjoy its beautiful landscapes.

In the historical part, you can visit all the mosques, the sultan’s palace and the most emblematic historical buildings of the city.

During the trip, you will get to know the most important tourist places in Istanbul . Among them, there is Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, the underground baths, the Bosphorus promenade, among others.


Located in the historic center of the city , the racecourse is a commercially active tourist site. Place, where there are many street vendors and you can buy a little of everything.

Blue mosque

The Blue Mosque is one of those essential places for any tourist visiting the city of Istanbul. The Blue Mosque or, Sultan Ahmen Mosque is one of the most important Islamic Temples in Istanbul. It is located in front of the church of Santa Sofia, both separated by a garden.

This mosque is the only one in the city that has six minarets, a true architectural work that stands on a symphony of blue mosaics.

This was the first imperial mosque to be built after 40 years. It is the most revered temple in Istanbul that, together with the hippodrome, is considered one of the most important tourist emblems of Istanbul.

The cathedral of Saint Sophia

The Saint Sophia Cathedral, or Hagia Sophia Cathedral for almost a thousand years was considered the largest closed building on earth. Until, in the year 1520, the Seville Cathedral was completed thus becoming the largest religious temple in the world.