The Perfect Holiday in Menorca: Your Options

Menorca is one of those few heavenly places on earth that have retained their virginity, which did not affect the construction boom that many other tourist sites have suffered.

This island is worth a visit at least once in a lifetime. Although, having been here once, you will certainly want to return to this land full of charm and magic. Rent a catamaran, sailboat or yacht, and go on a voyage! During the voyage, you will discover all the charm of this Mediterranean treasure, enjoy the beauty of its coast, its unspoilt beaches and taste delicious local dishes. For touring Menorca in a catamaran with skipper this is the best bit now.

Maon – Es Castell

Sailing along the north coast of Menorca, we stop at Maon, the capital of Menorca. City domes and towers of yellow color, speaking above the cliff, look at the sea. This natural harbor had the status of an important shopping center, because of which it was repeatedly conquered. Maon – a beautiful city with a rich history, where there is something to see. Moored in the port and going ashore, you can wander through the city center and visit the museum, the basilion of San Roque or the church of Santa Maria. Next to Mahon are Albufera de Grau and the lighthouse of Favaritz, whose beautiful silhouette can be admired from the sea. If your voyage on a ship leased in Mallorca falls on the summer months, you will have the opportunity to visit the Opera International Festival. You will enjoy listening to beautiful music on the streets of this city.

Es Castell – EsGrao

Es Castel is located in the east of Menorca just 5 kilometers from Mahon. In the evenings, you can watch stunning sunsets. They say that it is on this city in Spain that the first rays of the sun fall every morning. Es Castel is a beautiful fishing town with a British spirit, since the British ruled it in the eighteenth century.

  1. Tourists who have enough time should not be limited to walks around the island. Between the islands of the archipelago, boats ply every day, so you can easily get acquainted with the sights of other regions. As a rule, the cost of travel from one island to another is no more than 30 euros.
  2. The tourist season is the period from the beginning of April to the end of October, the wettest month being August. Travelers who are planning a rich excursion program are not recommended to visit the island in December, at this time the wind is especially strong and it often rains.
  3. While walking around the island, you should carefully listen to the guide, without his permission, in no case should you touch the unfamiliar plants. Locals are very careful about nature, so any damage to plants or the release of garbage in the wrong place will certainly be followed by a large fine.
  4. The beaches are also maintained exemplary cleanliness, they have repeatedly received awards for high environmental performance. On the territory of all major beaches there are rental centers for sports and beach equipment, the rental price of which is more than modest.