Unique Ways to Explore Seattle

Headed to Seattle in a motorhome rental? That’s a fantastic idea. After all, Seattle is one of the most iconic cities in the U.S. and there is plenty for you to see and do. If you’re hoping to make the most of your visit, we know some unique ways to get to see the city.

While most tourists will do what everyone else usually does, why not try doing something different while in Seattle? If you’ve arrived in a motorhome rental, go ahead and park that beauty and get out into the city and see all that there is to see. After all, you need some time outside of a vehicle and a moment to enjoy the destinations that you’re visiting. Don’t worry; there is no shortage of options for getting around the city.

Seattle is a big city located in an area that is known for its beauty. From Mt. Rainer to Lake Washington, Olympic Mountains, and Elliot Bay, it’s natural locations and iconic music scene are just enough reasons to visit, but believe us, there are plenty more. The following are a few ways to explore this amazing city:

  • Visit the underground city. You won’t be exploring the current city of Seattle per se, but you will be experiencing some of its history. A tour of the underground city will take you back to before the Great Fire of 1889. Storefronts and sidewalks, and captivating architecture are found below the Seattle of today, thanks to the fact that the city was rebuilt on top of what you’ll see down below. It is in our opinion a must do for anyone visiting the city.
  • Take a ghost tour around Seattle. Along with different ways of seeing things and doing things in Seattle, you can take a ghost tour around the city. Whether you believe in ghosts or not doesn’t matter. You’ll enjoy the experience while also getting to see a lot of unique places in the city. Seattle has been said to have unexplained situations and mysteries, and at the very least, you’ll learn about these stories on one of these types of tours. If you want to delve into the “other side” of Seattle, this is the best way to do just that.
  • Take a walking tour of the city. If you’ve been sitting in an RV for a long time, you may enjoy seeing the sites while walking. What better way to truly feel the city than to walk it? There are plenty of walking tours available or if you like to freestyle things in your life, go on a walk on your own. With your GPS in hand, you should be just fine.
  • See the city from the water. There are many options for water tours where you can see the city from a different perspective—from the water. You can just sit back and enjoy one of Seattle’s best tour companies take care of the “driving” while you take care of taking pictures of this iconic city.
  • Observe the city from above in a seaplane tour. If you’re not afraid of flying or seaplanes, then you know what is truly the best way to see the city? From above; at least in our books. Not only can you get a glimpse of what the city looks like to the birds, but you can also see the surrounding nature that is just as beautiful. From the lakes to the mountains nearby, there are plenty of tours available on the city’s seaplanes. Plus, what could be more exciting than taking off from and landing on the water?

Seattle is so much fun!

As you can see, there is no shortage of ways to explore the city. From the underground city and ghost tours that are as unique as they are fascinating to the adventure of seeing the city from above on a seaplane or relaxing in a boat on the water, these unique ways are some of the best ways to see any city, but especially Seattle.

Make sure that you take some time to enjoy the coffee in Seattle, if you’re a coffee lover. If you’re a foodie, rest assured that there are plenty of great restaurants that have dishes that wills satisfy any cravings that you may have. Of course, there are also plenty of options for the nightlife scene, from the microbreweries to the wine bars, there is something for every style and taste.

As you travel to Seattle in your motorhome rental, rest assured that you can enjoy the city in many more ways than one. If you need a break from being in your RV, this city is the perfect destination to do just that. Stretch your legs, get on a boat, or jump onto a seaplane. There is so much fun to be had.