Ways to Make New Friends When You’ve Moved

As a child, no matter how many time you relocated, making new friends was fairly easy. You’d find something you had in common with a group of children and before you know it, you were besties. Making friends as an adult, on the other hand, isn’t always that easy – especially when you’re in a new town. You don’t know anyone, where to go, or what to do, so you tend to develop a robotic lifestyle that includes going to work and coming home to those you’re most familiar with. That may work for a moment, but after a while, not having a social life can be depressing.

The only way to branch out and connect with others is to take risks and go for it. Here are some effective solutions to meeting new friends once you’ve moved.

Get Out of Your Head

Believe it or not, lots of adults suffer from social anxiety and/or are anxious about meeting new people. Almost like starting high school all over again, they fill their minds with thoughts of how they’ll be perceived, what others might say, and how they should act to fit in. If you’re going to meet new people, however, you have to get out of your head. Recognize your strengths and positive character traits, stop trying to control what others think, and put yourself out there. If you are a bit nervous before meeting up, taking cbd tincture for anxiety relief is also an option.

Ask Old Friends

Just because you moved away doesn’t mean you don’t still have friends where you used to live. Reach out to them and ask if they know of people in your new town that you could get to know. Having a friend in common can often make it easier to connect and break the ice. If not, there are social media apps that can help you link with people in your neighborhood.

Introduce Yourself to Neighbors

Once you’ve gotten a bit settled let your neighbors know who you are. You can go door to door introducing yourself to neighbors which can build lasting connections. Hosting a dinner, signing up for neighborhood watch, and getting involved in community events are also great opportunities for you to meet those who live around you.

Open up to Co-workers

You’ll spend a better part of your day with your co-workers which makes it a great place to start making friends. During downtime, introduce yourself to other staff and try to get to know them. Though the conversations may start off work-related, with time they’ll get more personal and involved. Once you feel comfortable, you can branch out by asking them to hang out on your days off or where to go to have fun and meet like-minded people.

Try New Activities

Friendships are often developed through common interests. If you want to meet people who like the same things you do then you’ll need to try new activities. Join a local gym, start visiting the same coffee shops, enroll in yoga or dance class, or whatever other things you enjoy. You’ll start to come in contact with the same people on a regular basis and can bond based on your interests.

Don’t let relocation rob you of social life. Though you may be a little nervous about the idea of meeting new friends as an adult, it is possible. Once you get out of your head it’s a matter of learning where to go. Whether you ask old friends, use social media, talk with the neighbors or get involved in new activities, you’re sure to find like minded people that you’d like to connect with on a regular basis.